I'm Going To Tulsa

Tulsa, a dynamic duo from Massachusetts, pours their heart and soul into their latest release on Park The Van Records, I Was Submerged. Carter Tanton and Eric Wormwood have put together a collection of songs that roll in like fog on the water. They sit with you and marinate as you listen to the light melodies and reverbed vocals, leaving you feeling a touch of melancholy, but mostly satisfaction. I've heard a lot of people compare them to My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses. I thought they sounded a bit like Rogue Wave on first listen. Really they just have a great sound. Tulsa is a place everyone should visit, and I think they will.

mp3: Tulsa - Shaker --> website --> buy
mp3: Tulsa - Rafter


After the wave of good shows yesterday, it's hard to believe there is more today. Be sure to check out Baltimore's own Celebration at Johnny Brenda's in Philly along with Dragons of Zynth.

mp3: Celebration - China --> website --> buy

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