Head In The Cosmos

If you're like me on Sundays, you are just trying to relax. No work. No effort. So perhaps this post is for you. Cosmos Corbin is an electronic artist who has set out to produce a audio piece every week. He posts them for free download on his blog Cosmos. I've been keen to these types of things before (see Podington Bear), but Corbin definitely has a good thing going. With Cosmos it's not just some random electronic sounds. They really set out to express mood and emotion. Cosmos Corbin is set on taking you to another place. Usually indie electronica this good doesn't come for free so TAKE ADVANTAGE. Here's some samples, but there is a boat load more at the site. Be sure to drop some comments.

mp3: Cosmos Corbin - Caverns --> website
mp3: Cosmos Corbin - Islands

1 comment:

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