Friday I'm A Remix

It's Friday and I'm allowed to rant a little, right? I'm not the biggest environmentalist, but I look out for good old mother nature. I recycle. I own a semi-fuel effecient car. I walk places sometimes instead of driving. So I have the right to get angry when I see the greatest environmental nightmare in the world! You've seen them. The 'advertising on wheels'. What's going on here folks. One day Mr. Advertiser decided regular billboards weren't polluting the world enough, so he came up with brilliant idea of throwing a ginormous sign on the back of a gas guzzling truck. And that's all it is. A sign. It's not hauling or transporting things like any respectable truck. It's just there taking up space, polluting, and distracting drivers. A DANGER TO SOCIETY! So what can you, the public, do? Boo that sign/truck! Boooooooooo! Whew...it feels good to finally get that off my chest. Now some celebratory remixes.


Anonymous said...

That's an MF GRIMM and MF DOOM song.


Anonymous said...

I recently saw one of those trucks in Santa Monica. What a joke. Anyway, I'm posting because I've had very little sleep and your "Boo that sign/truck! Boooooooooo!" made me laugh hysterically to myself because it reminded me of Half-Baked.

Awesome! Keep up the good work!