Bell Hollow Hooray

What's up with Brooklyn? How can there be so much consistently good music coming out of one place? It's a conspiracy...yeah...you know what I mean. Well, adding to that conspiracy is Bell Hollow, a quartet from Brooklyn, NY that makes suspiciously great music. Drawing from influential 1980's alternative pop rock bands like The Smiths and The Cure, Bell Hollow produces a sound filled with chorused guitars and smooth, Morrissey-esque vocals. The downfall to most bands that try to pull that eighties sound off is that they end up sounding like a bad cover band. This is not the case with Bell Hollow. The lead singer, Nick Niles, uses his voice with authority and emotion, and that drives the songs into a plateau of their own. Bell Hollow's debut album, Foxgloves, came out this November on five03 Records and is solid from front to back. They plan on touring in the spring of '08, so be sure to catch a show.

mp3: Bell Hollow - Copper Crayon --> website --> buy
mp3: Bell Hollow - Getting On In Years