Toofer Toosday - All Ages

Tiny Master Of Today are a punk/indie rock band from New York consisting of siblings Ivan, a 13 year old, and Ada, an 11 year old. I was suprised when I first heard these guys. I would have never known their youth if I wasn't told in the article. Maybe their youth is the spark of energy that envelops their music. TMOT is defenitely worth some listens and more.

Tiny Masters Of Today - Hologram World.mp3 --> website --> buy
Tiny Masters Of Today - Pictures.mp3

I couldn't really drum up any info on the 4 year old rapper Nico. What can you really say, but the song is on the Peanut Butter Wolf's BBall Zombie War disc and features DJ Babu. I had to post this song because my ipod seems to want me to hear it repeatedly. The shuffle has played it at least 5 times within the last week and it always puts a smile on my face. Now you know.

Peanut Butter Wolf - Now You Know - Nico and DJ Babu.mp3 --> website --> buy

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