Sea Wolf @ the 8x10

I had been looking forward to this show for a long time, and I wasn't disappointed at all. Listening to their CD and EP I knew I was going to hear some fantastic music, but I didn't know it would ROCK THAT MUCH! Hell yeah it did! Coming onto the stage, Alex Brown Church(the lead singer/songwriter of Sea Wolf) looked the part of good natured traveler and musician. The first notes of Winter Windows got the crowd pretty pumped letting me know that they had a pretty sizable following in attendance at the small sized 8x10. The Cold, The Dark, & The Silence and Middle Distance Runner followed and were spectacular. The arrangement of the songs live was put together really well. Everybody seemed to have a tamborine near by for some timely percussion. Then came the time where, in my opinion, Sea Wolf went to 11(ala Spinal Tap). They flat out rocked Made A Resolution. There was no stopping it after that with Sea Monuments and Song For The Dead following. Mr. Church then made me a happy man by slowing it down a tad to play a mezmerizing rendition of The Garden That You Planted. This was basically the set up song for the final one two punch of You're A Wolf and Black Dirt. They played these songs with the highest amount of emotion and energy giving them more power and meaning than they had before. When they left the stage they had me wanting more. Where was the encore? Oh yeah they were the opening act for Nada Surf(who took the show to a higher level...more on that later). With this show Sea Wolf has put them in the 'must see live' category for me. If you have a chance do yourself a favor and see them. They still have a couple more dates on this leg and hopefully will launch another one sometime next year. If you can't make it, pick up a copy of their EP or full length. Stay tuned for more on the Nada Surf half of the show.

Sea Wolf - The Garden That You Planted.mp3 --> website --> buy
Sea Wolf - Black Dirt.mp3

Thanks to Ted Licinski(Sea Wolf bassist) for giving some great feedback about the tour, life, crappy jobs, good jobs, and poster design. Keep on rockin that Devo suit.