Hip Hop? Cadence Weapon.

Some people may be surprised to know how much of a hip hop fan I am considering I mostly post that indie pop rock stuff. Well truth be told, I would post more if I found something worth posting. Maybe I'm not up on the trends of rap and hip hop enough to understand what's going on. Or maybe my ears just aren't finding that truly amazing hip hop you would think would be out there. You may say, "Hey Laurent, what about Kanye and Lupe?" Yeah they're pretty good, and I really admire the risks Kanye takes with the music he produces...but that's two artists. Look at the number of indie bands that are really pushing the envelope of song writing and musical production. Where is that in hip hop? Where's the emotion and vision? Where's the growth? Was Nas right? Is hip hop dead? The answer...is no...for one reason. Cadence Weapon.
Back in 2006 I remember stumbling across the track Oliver Square on GvB and being completely blown away. I mean floored. I went and bought Breaking Kayfabe right away. The lyrics were hard and thought out...like a cross between Del and Percee P then smothered in Company Flow. The electronic beats were raw and ear-bending. Hands down, the best hip hop I had heard since Edan's Beauty and the Beat. So now I come to find out a couple of months ago that CW was putting out his sophomore effort, Afterparty Babies, on March 4th (as if it was some sort of early birthday present for me). I was a little nervous (2nd albums tend to drop off some times) until I heard the single 'In Search Of The Youth Crew'. Not only was Cadence Weapon back on the hip hop scene...he was destroying it (the good kind of destroying)!!! On that track alone he comes out with poetic ferocity. Combine that with smash mouth electrohop beats...and once again you have me looking foolish driving down the street listening to this in my car. The full album doesn't disappoint either. The opening track 'Do I Miss My Friends' comes in with that Beat Street vibe--acapella style. The tempo almost had me fooled until the beat and rhymes came in...then I knew...it was for real. Through the rest of the album he delves into his personal opinions, his life's struggles, musings, and successes while expanding on the electronic sound he crafted on his first LP. I can't really stop listening to it. In fact I'm going to go listen to right now. So if you see some foolish looking guy bobbing up and down in his tiny car foolishly, then you know who it is and what I'm listening to.

mp3: Cadence Weapon - In Search Of The Youth Crew --> website --> buy
mp3: Cadence Weapon - House Music


iguanapunk said...

Quality, not quantity mate.

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